Park Slope Brooklyn


162 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217

Weekdays 7am - 6pm 

Weekends 8am - 6pm 


We are so excited to move to Brooklyn!

It's been a long search for a new spot but four years after we built our SoHo shop it's time to get to know the people of Park Slope Brooklyn. This is a special neighborhood for me. I fell in love in this neighborhood, I had my heart broken, I walked out of my job, I found a new job that would change my life forever- Lot's of memories! What I am most excited about right now is creating a space that's inviting and has delicious coffee for you. I know that this neighborhood is buzzing with so many different types of bees and I want to get to know them all. 

We will be open for business on 2/15. The first week we will call our "soft" open. This is a period in which we make adjustments and perhaps have a few last minute installs, but we will be ready to make coffee! So come in and visit us while we acquire our balance.


Sam Penix

CEO, Everyman Espresso